Selling Your Real Estate For The Right Price



Years ago you decided to invest into this property, and then you put love and care into it over years and years. And now that you want to sell it, or maybe even have to sell it, people are telling you that there is no way you will get your asking price for it? That’s not right is it now. I am so glad that we can have this virtual conversation, because I would like to pass on my knowledge of many years of brokering real estate.

Getting the price for your property starts with cleanliness. Never present your property in a dirty state. Just imagine presenting the property the way that you would like it to be presented to you. Yeah that’s right, put in the hours of cleaning if you want the right price for it. If you don’t have the time, there are many professional cleaning companies that will happily lend you a helping hand.

jump-in-house1Secondly, your broker. This is a vital part of the operation, since if your broker isn’t convinced of the value of the house he won’t be able to sell it for the price you are asking for. Did you know that you can interview brokers before you make a deal? A lot of them will even value your property for you free of charge if you tell them that you are still trying to find the right broker for the deal.

Be present during viewings. In some places this may not be allowed or even appropriate, but in most situations and in my experience it is very valuable if the seller is present during viewings. No one knows the property as well as you do and no one is as passionate about the property as you are and trust me when I tell you that the buyers can really sense that.

Use social media, I know this may seem crazy but you can sometimes sell your real estate without even needing a broker, just by spreading the word using social media. Just make sure you get some really good pictures and some good friends to help you share them around. There are also many free websites where you can list your property for sale.

That’s it for today, my quick-fire tips on the subject of selling your real estate for the price that you deserve.

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